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PowerAlley Lite Softball Machine -Reconditioned-
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Item Number: PASOFT99R
Price: $99.99

PowerAlley Lite Softball Machine -Reconditioned-

The PowerAlley Lite Softball Pitching Machine pitches both slow pitch and fast pitch 12" softballs.

- Reconditioned -
All reconditioned products have been remanufactured to perform just as great as our new products. We inspect and test each product before they are sent to you, and come with the same 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty as our new products.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

The PowerAlley Lite Softball Pitching Machine pitches both slow pitch and fast pitch 12" lite-softballs. Great for fastballs, grounders, and pop-flys. The powerful A/C motor throws 12" lite-softballs at 50 miles per hour. With a fully enclosed wheel the PowerAlley is the only lite-softball pitching machine on the market and is also the safest. Plug the PowerAlley into any standard wall outlet for hours of hitting practice.

Slow Pitch & Fast Pitch
Throws 12" Lite Pitching Machine Softballs
Fastballs, Grounders, & Pop-Flys
Pitches Lite 12" Softballs Up To 50 MPH
Fully Enclosed Wheel
Adjustable Pitch Height
Tripod with Rubber Tips
Uses Standard A/C Power
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