Heater Sports BV59 - Ball Vacuum Baseball & Softball Shagger

Ball Vacuum Baseball & Softball Shagger

Ball Vacuum Collects Balls to Save You Time and Back Ache

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Model #: BV59
> Provides Hassle-Free Ball Shagging
> Rolls Over the Top of Baseballs & Softballs
> Holds 24 Baseballs, 16 11" Softballs, or 12 12" Softballs
> Includes Tripod Stand To Become Portable Ball Basket
> Compact and Lightweight
> Eliminates Wasted Time & Back Aches For Efficient Training

Professional ball players spend most of their time developing and improving their skills instead of shagging balls.

But average ball players spend most of their time chasing, bending over, and picking up balls instead of training efficiently.

Well, say goodbye to inefficient training.

Introducing . . .

Ball Vacuum, the revolutionary new ball retriever that makes shagging balls fast and easy.

Here's how it works . . .

Simply roll Ball Vacuum over each ball and watch as each ball gets pulled into the wire hopper. The secret is Ball Vacuum's high-strength stainless steel wires, spaced perfectly apart, to flex over and pick up each ball effortlessly.

Once the balls are captured in Ball Vacuum's hopper, simply turn the handle upside down, point the handle toward the tripod stand and instantly transform the ball hopper into a convenient ball basket.

This amazing feature allows you to take out each ball from the wire hopper and pitch or hit at your convenience.
Ball Vacuum’s innovative tripod uses a pushpin to optionally lock the handle into place so Ball Vacuum transports conveniently to your home or ball field.

And storage is hassle free . . .

After you've finished training, simply disassemble Ball Vacuum and store it in your car, trunk, garage, or equipment room.

But wait there's more . . .

Use Ball Vacuum to pick up Lite-Baseballs, Lite-Softballs, Regulation Baseballs, and Regulation Softballs.

Use Ball Vacuum at home, or at the ball field.

Use during batting practice, fielding practice, and even before the big game.

Ball Vacuum is great for saving time and developing your skills in the shortest amount of time.

Ball Vacuum is great for young players, adult players, coaches, and parents alike.

Ball Vacuum includes . . .

• A wire rolling ball basket to retrieve and capture 24 baseballs or 12 softballs

• A 36 long metal handle which easily allows you to control the basket and roll with ease

• A soft cushion grip to keep your hand comfortable

• A heavy duty tripod stand for allowing you to turn your ball hopper into a ball bucket.

Stop wasting time shagging balls and start maximizing practice time with Ball Vacuum.

And don't forget, Ball Vacuum comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty.

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