Heater Sports CR11 - Crusher Fast Mini Poly-Balls

Crusher Fast Mini Poly-Balls

12 Mini Poly-Balls from Heater Sports™

$ 14.99

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Model #: CR11
> 12 Mini White Lite Balls
> For Use With Crusher Mini Ball Machine
> Lightweight, Safe For Indoor/Outdoor Use
> Maximum Speed in Crusher, 45 MPH at 25 Feet
> Great For Perfecting Hand-Eye Coordination
> Use For Hitting and Fielding Practice

These golf-sized polyesterballs have been specifically designed for the Heater Sports Crusher Mini-Ball pitching machine. Mini-Balls are the size of a golf ball and help you improve your hand-eye coordination for baseball.

• Polyester ball
• The size of a golf ball
• Long lasting with improved accuracy
• Recommended for use with Heater Sports Crusher Mini-Ball machine

Key Specs:
• Model #: CR11
• Recommended Ages: 6 years to Adult
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - One Year Warranty

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