Heater Sports DP249 - Double Play Pitch Back & Pitching Machine

Double Play Pitch Back & Pitching Machine

2-in-1 Pitch Back & Pitching Machine Combination For Fielding & Hitting

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Model #: DP249
> Pitch Into Net & It Pitches Back To You
> 5 x 5 Large Catch Net With Strike Zone
> Pitch Back/Pitching Machine Included
> 1/4 HP Heavy Duty Motor
> All Metal Tripod Included For Pitching Machine
> Pitch, Field, & Hit With The Double Play
> NOTE: Only Works With Heater Jr. or Double Play Machine**

Introducing the Double Play 2-in-1 Pitch Back and Pitching Machine your ultimate training companion for honing both your pitching and batting skills!

Revolutionize your practice sessions with this versatile tool that combines innovation, durability, and convenience.

First and foremost, experience the pitch back machine's prowess with a large 5x5 catch net crafted from heavy-duty nylon material. As you throw or pitch into the net, it adeptly catches and channels the ball into a pocket at the bottom.

But that's just the beginning!

Connected seamlessly to the bottom of the net is the pitch back machine itself. Once the ball rolls into the machine, it's thrown back to you, enabling hours of solo catch practice without the need for a partner. Adjust the machine's tilt to your preference practice grounders, regular catch, line drives, or tilt it back for high fly balls. Replicate any type of throw to enhance your skills across the board.

And that's not all!

The versatility doesn't end with catching practice. The pitch back machine is removable and comes with a heavy-duty tripod stand, transforming it into a top-notch pitching machine. Perfect your batting with speeds ranging from 10 to 48 MPH, featuring fastballs and customizable angles for grounders, pitching, line drives, and pop flies.

The Double Play doesn't stop at functionality. It's packed with features to elevate your training experience. The catch net includes a bonus front catch net to absorb the impact of even the fastest pitches. Attach the provided strike zone to fine-tune your pitching accuracy. The robust 1-inch metal base frame ensures stability and durability, while flexible fiberglass rods efficiently absorb the impact of hit balls. And when practice is done, the Double Play collapses swiftly for easy transport and storage.

Experience the innovation firsthand no more reliance on another person for catch practice! With the Double Play 2-in-1 Pitch Back and Pitching Machine, you can seamlessly train throwing, fielding, and hitting using this all-in-one training powerhouse. Embrace the future of solo practice and elevate your game like never before!

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