Heater Sports HSG29 - PowerAlley 80/Sandlot 40 MPH Lite Baseballs

PowerAlley 80/Sandlot 40 MPH Lite Baseballs

12 PowerAlley 80 MPH Lite-Balls

$ 29.99

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Model #: HSG29
> 1 Dozen Optic Green Lite Balls
> 1/2 The Weight of a Regulation Baseball
> For Use With Sandlot Polyball Machine & Heater Lite & Real Baseball Machines
> Lightweight, Safe For Indoor/Outdoor Use
> Maximum Speed in Sandlot Machine, 40 MPH
> Maximum Speed in Lite Machines, 80 MPH
> Great For Perfecting Hand-Eye Coordination
> Use For Hitting and Fielding Practice

The Heater Sports PowerAlley 80 MPH Lite Balls are vibrant green in color and are perfect for the most advanced ball players.

While using in any lite ball or real ball pitching machine by Heater Sports, these balls simulate speeds up to 80 MPH. While measuring regulation size for baseball - 9" in diameter, these balls are 2/3 the weight of a real baseball, weighing 1.2 ounces, and allow for fast pitch speed, quick ground balls, and high fly balls.

In addition to using with Heater Sports pitching machines, these balls are perfect for use with the Trend Sports Sandlot Lite Pro 4-in-1 Machine. While using this machine, these balls will simulate speeds up to 40 MPH so both rookies and veterans alike can enjoy improving their hand eye coordination and game with these advanced lite balls.

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