Heater Sports HTR6000SBBF - Heater Softball Auto-Ball Feeder

Heater Softball Auto-Ball Feeder

Turn Your Heater Heavy Duty Softball Machine Into a Solo Pitching Machine

$ 79.99

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Model #: HTR6000SBBF
> For Use With Heater Heavy Duty 12 in. Softball Machine
> A/C Outlet Plugs Directly In Side of Machine
> Easily Connects to Ball Chute With Quick Attachment
> When Switch Is On, A Ball is Fed Into Machine Every 9 Seconds
> Compact and Lightweight
> Turns Your Pitching Machine into an Automatic Pitcher
> IMPORTANT: This is the Ballfeeder Only

The Heater Sports Heavy Duty Softball Pitching Machine Ball Feeder attaches to the Heater Softball Pitching Machine.

Able to hold 9 softballs, the Heater Ball Feeder delivers a ball every 9 seconds allowing you to hit softballs anytime you want, all by yourself.

• Heavy Duty Steel Frame Construction
• Plugs Conveniently In to the Motor End Cap of the Heater Softball Machine
• Delivers a Ball Every 9 Seconds
• Holds 9 Softballs

• Turns Your Heater Softball Machine in to a Solo Pitching Machine
• Practice Hitting Without the Need of Another Player
• Strong Metal Heavy Duty Frame

Key Specs:
• Model #: HTR6000SBBF
• A/C Power
• Recommended Ages: 8 years to Adult
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - One Year Warranty
• For Use With the Heater Softball Pitching Machine (Model# HTR6000SBNBF)
• Pitching Machine Not Included

Download PDF Instructions Below: Click Here