Heater Sports SLB19CR - PowerAlley 60 MPH/97KPH Lite Cricket Balls

PowerAlley 60 MPH/97KPH Lite Cricket Balls

12 Lite-Balls from Heater Sports™

$ 29.99

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Model #: SLB19CR
> 1 Dozen White Lite Balls
> 1/2 the Weight of Regulation Cricket Balls
> For Use With Heater Lite & Real Cricket Machines
> Lightweight, Safe For Indoor/Outdoor Use
> Maximum Speed in Lite Machines, 60 MPH
> Great For Perfecting Hand-Eye Coordination
> Use For Bowling and Batsman Practice

Introducing PowerAlley Lite-Balls: Your Path to Precision Cricket Practice.

Unlock the secret to honing your cricket skills with PowerAlley 60 MPH Lite-Balls. Crafted to perfection, these Lite-Balls are meticulously designed to be half the weight of regulation cricket balls, offering you a seamless transition from practice to performance.

Designed for Use with Heater Lite & Real Cricket Machines, these Lite-Balls redefine your training experience. Their lightweight construction ensures safety for indoor and outdoor use, while their maximum speed of 60 MPH in Lite Machines guarantees an optimal practice session every time.

Why choose PowerAlley Lite-Balls?
**Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination**: With reduced weight, these Lite-Balls are tailor-made for refining your hand-eye coordination, ensuring each practice session counts. - **Versatile Use**: Perfect your bowling and batting techniques with ease, whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your cricket journey. - **Long-lasting Durability**: Crafted for longevity and accuracy, these Lite-Balls promise extended use without compromising on performance.

Key Features: - Half the weight of regulation cricket balls - Regulation size for authentic practice - Pitches up to 60 MPH/97 KPH - Includes a set of 12 balls for uninterrupted training sessions

Key Specs: - Model #: SLB19CB - Recommended Ages: 8 years to Adult - Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and One Year Warranty for your peace of mind.

Elevate your cricket game with PowerAlley Lite-Balls. Order now and step onto the field with confidence like never before.

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